conferenza stampa Bonzano Vini
Press Conference


The new winemaker has a dream: to revive the territory where she has created her family.


Friday 6 April at Tenuta della Mandoletta, a presentation is being held for the first 4 wines from 2017 and for the Bonzano Vini Project, by brothers Enrico, Stefano, and Massimo Bonzano, with expert oenologist by Donato Lanati, who has been carrying out and coordinating the work since the outset, in 2011.

Together with them, Simonetta Ghia, Enrico Bonzano’s wife and owner of the winegrowing company, who inspired and promoted this new business venture with her deep passion for the world of wine.

A charming, unique landscape serves as the setting for this new winemaking adventure, previewed to the press, with a tasting of 4 of the 7 wines from the winery, the 2017 vintage, and the winery’s very first.

  • Gajard – Barbera del Monferrato DOC
  • Armognan – Monferrato Bianco DOC
  • Hosteria – Monferrato Rosso DOC
  • La Meridiana – Rosato

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