Grignolino of Monferrato Casalese DOC

BATICOR- Grignolino del monferrato casalese doc

A pure “Grignolino” from the historic vineyard in Rosignano Monferrato. The vineyard is based on the typical “bricco”, where the limestone soil is shallow, which results in its typical light color. The tufaceous composition is particularly suitable for cultivation of this vine. Moreover, this type of soil allows to naturally obtain restricted production and small-sized grapes.


  • Company: Mandoletta SSA
  • Area of production: Monferrato Casalese, Piedmont
  • Climate: temperate with cold winters (as low as -8 degrees celsius) and hot summers (as high as 35 degrees celsius) and high humidity.
  • Altitude and exposure: approximately 230 m
  • Grape variety: Grignolino
  • Density: 4000 vines per ha
  • Harvesting period: September
  • Harvest: manual into crates
  • Average yield per ha.: 90 quintals/ha
  • Vinification: Vinification of destemmed grapes is traditional, with maceration of the skin very quick, followed a further stainless steel-aging for about 8 mounth.



  • Appearance: deep ruby red
  • Bouquet: sweet red fruit spice and balsamic aromas
  • Taste: soft on the palate with a good freshness
  • Serving temperature and method: 15 °c, pleasant also tasted fresh around 8° C
  • Serve with: excellent with braised meats and middle aging cheeses

BATICOR- Grignolino del monferrato casalese doc