Detailed below are the references and ratings the winery has received in just over two years in business, thanks to tenacity, courage, commitment, family effort and a broad and profound love of our land.

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The winemaking tradition of Tenuta Mandoletta, in the Municipality of Casale Monferrato, dates back to the early nineteenth century. In 1898, the mansion was bought by a new owner, who uprooted all the vineyards to make room for new crops. In the 1990s, with the Bonzano family taking over, the historical gardens were restored to their original beauty and the vineyards were replanted. Nowadays, Tenuta della Mandoletta is a single estate of 20 hectares under vines surrounding the mansion in the territory of Rosignano [Ed.] nestled in the most typical part of the Lower Monferrato landscape, part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 2014

Monferrato Bianco Armognan 2018 DOC
Barbera del Monferrato Gajard 2017 DOC


Excellent quality level across Bonzano Vini’s glasses, beginning with their white, Armognan 2018: a thick, limpid and unoxidized bouquet, excelling on the palate in mellow appeal. The rosé – Meridiana 2018 – is dense yet clear, with a thick extract weave. Aromatic firmness and black currant: this is Hosteria 2018, also clear-cut on the nose. Their best is a great wine – Gajard 2018: here the flesh turns into cream, with the enveloping, harmonious smoothness and the cleanliness of the aroma resulting from excellent grape quality and the careful technical procedures to turn the bunches into wine. Congratulations.

Consistency: 32
Balance: 31
Integrity: 30
IP: 93

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Barbera del Monferrato DOC Gajard 2018: Sensations: the perfume is impregnated with powerful spices, which converge on the thick, majestic basic glycerine, and moved by the great alcohol that shakes and contains everything, nally they reach the olfactory receptors with excellent power and strength. Hints of exceptional consistency also in the subsequent phases of the tasting: on the palate, the touch is very thick, the taste has great volume, the persistence, even after long swallowing, is always intense. The mellow, vanilla, minty plum, evolved and wrapped in balsamic oak drapes, is its main fruit. And its stupendous extractive richness, never cloying in persuasiveness but well-harmonious, stupendously and gently cloaks us with its sublime aroma. A great wine.

Monferrato Bianco Armognan 2018 DOC IP: 91
Monferrato Rosso Hosteria 2018 DOC IP: 90
Monferrato Chiaretto Meridiana 2018 DOC IP: 90
Piemonte Spumante Metodo Classico DOC IP: 87

Bonzano vini dicono di noi


Although its very recent establishment might mislead you into thinking that the winery still needs to burn in – with all its labels being in their first or second vintage – the wines we tasted speak to a well-defined philosophy and winemaking approach. Ever since its initial stages, the winery has relied on the expertise contributed by renowned oenologist Donato Lanati, and on the typical varietals of Monferrato. The use of only steel vessels throughout vinification and must storage has been promoted in order to keep the natural varietal characters of the grapes and the taste of the terroir intact, unaltered by any attempts at enhancement. The vineyards are still relatively young (10 years) and, thus, not yet ready to extract the best from the soils of the Monferrato casalese, but there is reason to believe that the wines in the range will receive great acclaim in the near future.

Barbera del Monferrato Rosso Gajard 2017
An even ruby red, with purple nuances. The aromatic profile is reminiscent of potpourri, sour cherry jam, moss, rhubarb and ash. Warm, well-structured mouthfeel, enlivened by vibrant freshness and minerality; thick tannins with a light almond hint. Stored in stainless steel only.

Piemonte Brut Metodo Classico Mandoletta 2016
A sparkling straw yellow. A bouquet of white peaches, pineapple, bergamot, pollen and fresh bread. Lively sip, with lean bubbles, blending into a clean and rigorous structure; an enjoyable echo of fragrant, citrusy notes on the finish. Vinification and cellaring of the base wine in steel, followed by two years in the bottle in contact with the lees.

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Paolo Massobrio, IL GOLOSARIO 2020

The winery is based in the Castle of Mandoletta, where it was established only two years ago by the Bonzano brothers and Simonetta Ghia, Enrico Bonzano’s wife. Supporting them is the famous enologist Donato Lanati, himself a guarantee of the care with which the wines are crafted. Sustainable viticulture and deep respect for the characters of the local terroir lie at the basis of the winery’s production approach. A welcome surprise and a new entry we could not overlook.

91 Monferrato Rosso Hosteria 2018

Made from Pinot Nero and Barbera grapes in equal proportions. Aged strictly in stainless steel tanks for 5 months. Bright garnet color. Fragrant and fruity, straightforward like a Beaujolais Village, clear-cut, with hints of cherries, plums and pomegranates. Salty and warm to the palate, deliciously easy to drink, taut and enjoyable.

89 Monferrato Bianco Armognan 2018

A 50-50 blend of Chardonnay and Arneis grapes. It takes stainless steel only, where it spends 5 months on the lees. A bright straw yellow, it has an intact, fruity nose, with hints of mirabelle plums and citron, and reminiscences of wildflowers. Salty, fresh and taut taste, very enjoyable and technically flawless.

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Top wines: Barbera del Monferrato “Gajard” – Barbera del Monferrato Superiore “Vigna Mandoletta Bruno Bonzano” – Monferrato Rosso “Hosteria” (Pinot nero, Barbera) – Monferrato bianco “Armognan” (Chardonnay & Sauvignon) and “Genevieve” (Chardonnay) – Monferrato Chiaretto “Meridiana” – Piemonte Spumante Metodo Classico “Mandoletta”